Thursday, July 1, 2010


Like many others authors, I have tried my hand at poetry from time to time. And like most writers, I write mediocre poetry. And since it will never see the light of day otherwise, I can at least put it on my blog!

I forgot about this one until I found it hidden among some other papers today. I wrote this in the year following my sister's passing.


I am seeking,
I am searching, 
I am stumbling,
I am lost.

I thought I knew
where I was going
and I did not
mind the cost.

But, to my disappointment,
my faith was built on sand.
A strong wind blew 
and knocked me over;
I fell and dropped Your hand.

Now I struggle through the twilight
of doubt and of fear.
I search to see Your purpose,
Your voice I try to hear. 
I think of those who went before me,
whose tales are well known.
I walk their well-worn footsteps
and now their stories are my own.

I am the beggar
who is begging,
I, the blind man
who cannot see.
I am Lazarus
in the grave
waiting for You
to set me free.

I am the deer
yearning for the stream
so thirsty, almost fainting.
I am the watchman
on the tower
in hopeful darkness waiting.

I am Mary  at the tomb
longing for Your face.
I am the children
who hear Your voice
and want to run
to Your embrace.

I am the woman 
who has sinned
and now falls at Your feet.
I am the parent 
whose child is ill
and seeks Your healing
in the street.

I am dry,
I am broken,
so weak
I cannot move.

I am frail,
I am empty,
my tears 
my only food.

This dark night of the soul,
I know it cannot last
Though I may never understand
why these things have come to pass.

Every day is a struggle
to stand on solid ground,
to hold on in spite of
a faith turned upside-down.

I have made a choice
and on this I stake my faith,
Though I no longer hear Your voice,
Though I cannot see Your face.

To love in spite of loss,
to keep going, though I can't move 
And to hold with all my might
to a Savior I can't prove. 

I will sing the song of faith
with my voice, wan and weak.
A song so full of grace
with music pure and sweet.

Using lyrics that are true
for Your strength is in the weak.
I believe with all I can.
Now Lord, help my unbelief!

copyright C Alcott 2006

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