Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What if......?

What IF today I just relaxed?

What IF today I let go of all my expectations and greeted each moment as a surprise?

What IF I don't try to clean the house (which is a losing battle)?

What IF I let myself enjoy the small moments and let the schedule go to heck?

Will I implode? Will the world stop? Will everything I know and believe turn to dust?

Or will all be well?

Today I went to CVS for a few small items and saw the Crayola aisle. A lot of things were 50% off. So, I grabbed some! Things we cannot usually stick in the budget, like Blendy Pens and Pip Squeeks and Crayola Color Surge coloring systems. The boys dove into them. The past 30 minutes have been artistic bliss. The school schedule is abandoned for the moment.


Patty said...

Enjoy that moment! When living in the budget, boy! what a treat to receive all those Crayola goodies! Enjoy it.

JudyJz said...

Have you imploded yet? hehe... What an awesome sight -all your kiddos together enjoying the craft supplies! I might just have to go to CVS!

Don't remember how my identity shows up on here - but it's me, Judy ;) aka Onduli - I haven't blogged in oh so long!

Ang said...

There is nothing wrong with giving it a rest for a while and just going with the flow.

Chris said...

"Or will all be well?"

All shall be well
All shall be well
All manner of thing shall be well

--Julian of Norwich

texasmom said...

Thanks, all!
Chris, that was the quote I was thinking of when I wrote it, but I forgot who it was from. So, thanks :)