Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Two Fruits

This past Sunday was the wonderful feast of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles and those around them heard the apostles preach, each in his own language. Deacon Jack gave a great homily at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Plano this week, reminding us what the fruits of the Holy Spirit are.

"The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control."  Galatians 5:23

ArtGuy and I decided to do a family project this week. We sat down as a family and read this verse to the kids. Then, each person drew the names of two of the fruits from out of a hat (except me- I get one!). Each night this week, two fruits of the Holy Spirit will be presented. The presentations can take any form, but must be actually worked on and not thrown together last minute. Presenters will go in order of the fruits in the verses. In addition, each person will draw a piece of fruit and cut it out to go in out "Fruits of the Holy Spirit" fruit bowl.

First up tonight were love (The Young Adult) and joy (Cookie Boy). Cookie Boy memorized his presentation, which is not his comfort zone. He got a bit flustered, but hung in there to deliver a short, but sweet, discourse on joy.

The Young Adult had us all foaming at the mouth, as he delayed our dinner in order to print out his presentation. We were all hungry and wishing he had been a bit more responsible and  prepared. However, he finally finished and came down to read us what he chose to do - a short treatise on love. It is, in my opinion, very beautiful. I was moved to tears.
Here it is for your edification from the 12 year old Young Adult, with his permission.


"Love - a warm affection."
This is the definition of love in the Webster dictionary. There are many different kinds of love. From love of God, to mutual attraction, love is always important.

It is easy to think of there being one kind of love, but there are many different kinds. For example, you can love your mom, love your favorite game, love God, love your favorite singer, and love your crush. Each of these "loves" is a different kind of love.

First there's parental love. This means you love a parent, aunt, grandmother, or another older sibiling because of the care they give you. Then there's favorable love. This means that you like something. This is usually directed toward a favorite object. For example, you could love a teddy bear or a certain movie. Then, there is idol love. This is often like favorable love, but more or less means you look up to a person or thing. For example, you can love a music star or a football player. Also, there is mutual attraction. This is the type of love when you see someone beautiful. God gave us this love so that we can give birth to children, after you have married someone. And last, but never least, heavenly love. This is the adoration of God, Christ, and all other saints. This is the easiest love to forget, but the most necessary. 

Love is the first gift of the Holy Spirit, and an important one. so let us not forgt to use it in many, if not all, ways.

"Love is patient and kind; it is not jealous or conceited or proud." (1 Corinthians 13:4)


CJArtguy said...

I'm beaming with pride! Wait - that's not a fruit of the Spirit. Scratch that -- I'm overjoyed!

texasmom said...

You can have "wholesome pride" - like my Dean's List notifications from Steubenville used to say!