Friday, May 21, 2010

This and That

First - what do you think of the new look to the blog? Better? Worse? Doesn't matter 'cause no one is reading it????

Second - let me tell you that the Cheesy Chicken Manicotti from "The Everything Meals for a Month" cookbook was YUMMY! We dug into it with relish, moaning and smacking until we were all very full. I filled one of the manicottis with cheese only for Cookie Boy, our resident vegetarian. It was scrumptious, and we cannot wait to try more!

Third - our eyes are gazing into summer. It is so near! The temperatures are heating up here in Texas, which isn't bad, as they can do this as early as March or April.
Every year I plan on stopping school at the end of May, right before Memorial Day. Every year I poop out early May, not to give it another thought until August. Until this year....
The boys will not be lucking out this go around! Bwah haah haaaaah! This year we will go until Memorial Day, take a week off, then continue. I am still working it all out, but we WILL have some form of summer school. Perhaps the term "year-round school" would be more accurate. We will take some weeks off this summer, but school will not stop for long periods of time. The Young Adult needs to keep trudging along in math and grammar. Cookie Boy will be joining in the grammar portion.
I am thinking we will focus more on basics. Like a "Basics Boot Camp". Drill fundamentals in math, geography, Latin, and ancient history. In August, we will begin our study of American history, which we have only really had in snatches so far.  am really excited, because ArtGuy and I were talking last night about the possibility of some travel as we study US history! Not much travel, as our ancient minivan is not in primo health, but travel nonetheless!
We will begin, as we study early north American history, with a trip to Oklahoma in August. We will enjoy the wonderful cold spring-fed water near Turner Falls, and visit some of the Native American historical sites (that would be reservation-related sites, and not the casino-related sites. Although my family do descend from the Choctaws, so I wonder if we could get a piece of that action!).
Sprinkled in there are, we hope, trips to Austin to see little bro' and family. And who knows what else!!!
How is your summer shaping up?


Patty said...

I like the new look. And it is blue! I love blue! Keep us updated on the yummy meals. I meant to ask, how did the meal planning work on your budget compared to what you normally would do?

We are heading up north to Illinois to visit both sides in July. Grandpa Bill (FIL)is turning 80!

Ang said...

Hey, at least you have followers! I literally got nothin'! :)

Camille said...

I'm glad you are back to blogging, Tine! It is a good outlet for you, and encouraging to many readers as well! ;)

Maggie said...

I love the names you have given the boys! Or are they titles? They are spot on! :)

Love you!