Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dinner Impossible

Ugh! Days of a headache and not feeling perky and now there are too many thoughts swirling around in my head!
Thanks to Patty over on Reasons for Chocolate, I have been pushing my new dinner plans into "drive" (as opposed to "park" or "just not ever going to happen"). For weeks now, I have been trying to regroup my meal efforts for the family.
ArtGuy will eat just about anything (except mushrooms), The Young Adult will try anything once and eats most anything he tries. CookieBoy does not eat meat, and has a very limited palate. Romeo is moderate in his tastes. The Mad Toddler grazes all day, in his toddler way. I am a pretty picky eater.
It can be difficult to find food that will please most of us, is reasonably inexpensive, is simple enough for me to cook, and does not take all day. Lately, I have not been doing well in this area.
I am going to try a plan from "The Everything Meals for a Month" cookbook. I am not actually cooking for month, but I will try preparing about 15-20 meals to freeze. The recipes sound easy and exciting. I have made a few from this book before, and they were very good. the ones I making this time are new for us! I am hoping this will work.
The Mad Toddler and I went out for a two hour shopping trip this morning, and came back loaded. I hope to start today and get things done. Saint Pascual, pray for me!
                                                 (the mounds of meat in the fridge!)

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Patty said...

I need to look at that book! Thanks for putting it out there. I saw all your meat and wanted to share with what I tried yesterday.

I was going to need a lot of beef for this week's menu...so...without breaking the bank, I bought the big 5# rolls (80/20) and then broke it down into baggies to freeze. It was more economical.

Let us know what your favorite recipes are!

If it was just for me to eat...I'd hook myself up to an iv bag and take in chocolate syrup!

Bon Apetite!