Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Day After


Yesterday was a lot of cooking! I started at 3pm and ended around 11pm. Thank you, ArtGuy for helping get the kitchen cleaned up! I didn't think I would cook everything yesterday, but once I started, it was much easier to just keep going.
 I did not plan meals for a whole month, but I did make 12 meals. It seemed like so much more! Of course, these would make more meals if we had a smaller family!
On the menu:
Shredded Beef Tacos - 2 meals
Cheesy Chicken Manicotti - 3 meals
Citrus Glazed Chicken - 2 meals
Meatlball Pot Pie - 3 meals
Apple Meatloaf - 2 meals

They are all happily nestling in my freezer! Well, except the Meatball Pot Pie. I didn't have the pie crusts, so the meatballs are made and in the fridge until I get some crusts.  These meals, plus the usual pizzas, mac and cheese, soups, and so on ought to keep up going.

ArtGuy took all the boys to Romeo's end-of-season soccer party. They celebrated a season with no loses. These boys are really fun to watch! Congrats, Blue Knights. And thanks, Coach Steve for being the best soccer coach ever! Jonathan has had three wonderful soccer coaches, but Coach Steve is really, really great! We feel truly blest to have landed on this team after our move last summer.

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Kenneth said...

I don't think I would be able to make that many meals in advance due to my complete lack of self control. I would eat so much in the process of making the meals that I would probably slip into a food coma for 2-3 days.