Thursday, May 27, 2010

Swimming Week

The Mad Toddler had a short and early nap today, so we headed out to the pool around 2pm. This is the second day in a row we got there before school was out, and apparently, between lunch and 3pm some younger adults take that "kid-free" time to soak up some rays. They looked pretty displeased to see four boys show up!

Too bad! We homeschool!!!Surprise! I instructed the boys not to splash by the three or four adults, since there was plenty of room for them to spread out and play where no one was sunbbathing. The Mad Toddler actually decided to feel more brave today and did not cling to me like a monkey! He hung on, but not as tight the whole time.

Swimming nearly every day has us all worn out!

We are having a more relaxed schooling week. Next week we take a break! Hooray!

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