Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ArtGuy finished the garden this past weekend. We went to Calloway's Sunday morning to pick our plants. It was fun and luxurious to choose things to plant. It really looks lovely, and makes me smile when I see it! This is our third house, and with each home our backyard has gotten smaller. We  now have a teeny-tiny backyard, but that doesn't mean it can't look nice!
ArtGuy also made a nice path using the stepping stones he and the boys have made every year for Mother's Day for the past 10 years. In the first one we made, The Young Adult was 2 and Cookie Boy was 6 months old! Aaawww! Teeny-tine hands and feet. Now The Young Adult wears the same shoe size as ArtGuy! Ah, how time flies!

Today is Wednesday. The sun is shining, was promises a walk to the pool this afternoon. Yesterday was just cool enough for me to say no! The water was freezing Monday and Momma don't do cold water! Otherwise, just a perfectly normal, ordinary day!
Happy Wednesday!


Patty said...

He did a good job! I really love the idea of the stepping for each year.

GMN said...

Looks great! We did a wall using the same kind of stones - except we paid someone else to do it this time. :) I know it took a lot of work, and what a great way to highlight the stepping stones.