Thursday, December 2, 2010

Celebrating 13 Years of Motherhood

Yup. My oldest "baby" turns 13 today. I have a teenager!


The Young Adult at 5

Of course, the fun begins on Nov. 26, when I begin to remind the Young Adult that he was DUE that day, even if he didn't show up a week later. The good times escalate on Dec. 1, when I fondly remind him that labor began. Even if he wasn't born for a DAY AND A HALF after the contractions punched me in the middle!  37 long, hard hours that ended in a c-section.

Ahhh, motherhood! Never let 'em forget!

My tall, strong, healthy boy. He stands today at over 5'8", with firm muscles (thanks to Highland dance). He is good-looking, kind, funny (in his opinion), smart, and always, always curious!

He was born with his eyes wide open, looking all around the room. His favorite position by the time he was one week old was standing up in our laps. He had trouble sleeping, preferring our arms to anywhere else. I realized that he was actually watching tv at four months and he had favorite books by six months. He was a fairly serious baby until he crawled right at six months. And the day after he began to crawl, he began to pull himself up....and smile a whole lot more!

I am thankful for his health. When he was one month old, what began as a cold quickly turned to RSV. A scary time. Thank God what was supposed to be a 10 day hospital stay was only five, but we were told he would be more likely to develop asthma and would be prone to upper respiratory infections. It never happened.

Today he is a goofy, normal 13 year old, whose first thought this morning was that now he could have a facebook account!

Happy birthday to my first baby, our guinea kid, the Young Adult!

In other news...

I want to keep writing, but am finding it difficult with the approach of the First Lego League Qualifier! In just over a week, we go to competition. Are we ready? hah! Not remotely!

A five hour meeting this past Sunday, three hours yesterday, and five more hours tomorrow!

No wonder all I dream about are Legos!

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Patty said...

Happy birthday to the teenager! (Three more years till drivers license---eek!)