Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On the Third Day of Christmas

Merry Christmas to all!

Today is December 28, and it is the first day I have been able to rest in weeks on end! It is wonderful!

Round about 1am on Christmas Eve. I was still at Midnight Mass. So, either ArtGuy or Santa took this!
The boys all had a great Christmas. Well, we all did! ArtGuy really surprised me with a Kitchen Aid stand mixer - something I have wanted for years but never thought we would be able to pull off! It is silver and shiny and just begging to be used! I WILL use it, as soon as we can eat our way through some of the food here!

Sigh. Beyond happy!

After Christmas day mass at St. Gabriel's
A rare whole family picture. Even my hair looks tired by this point!
The Mad Toddler's new "I'm cute" face

This year will be known as the Christmas of Excellent Food!
a variety of goodies

We started off on Christmas Eve with a dinner of piggies in a blanket, and our favorite smokehouse mac and cheese.
Smokehouse mac and cheese. Not at all on the Weight Watchers plan!
 Christmas Day was filled with my mom's meatloaf (and this stuff is by far the very best meatloaf I have ever, ever had), my Aunt Mike's Enchilada casserole  (which I have had the recipe for for 13 years, but for some stupid reason have never made), and a variety of other, numerous, delectable foods.
Mom's meatloaf! MmmmMMMMMmmmmm!

The following day gave us tipsy fudge and my Aunt Gladys's Tater Tot casserole, which is comfort food at its finest, and beyond words to describe how yummy it is. Let me put it this way: my Lil' Bro and SIL, Sarah, had just arrived but had recently eaten lunch on the road. They were too full to eat the family meal with us, but just sat at the table to chat. They ended up each consuming, well....I won't say embarrassing portions, but "adequate servings" on top of their recent burger lunch! Yeah - it is that good! And while Aunt Gladys keeps promising to get the recipe to me, I have yet to see it! I think she is holding out on me! No problem - I will just call her up when I want some!
Tipsy fudge. Heaven in my mouth. Seriously.

And then yesterday, my mother took ArtGuy, Lil' Bro, Sarah, and I out for burgers, but the burger place was closed. We ended up at a restaurant called The Library Grill in Sherman, TX. The food....there....was....unbelievable! I had the pork tenderloin with raspberry chipotle sauce and green beans with bacon. I ate every single bite on my plate! Heavenly! (and yes,  I AM blogging about it like the pathetic, desperate housewife I am!)

So you can see why I have named this Christmas the Christmas of Excellent Food!!!!

The Young Adult is off at Boy Scout winter camp. He left the morning after Christmas Day. His momma is sad and can't wait to have him home again! 

The Mad Toddler loves his hat and gloves
cousins enjoy a card game

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