Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last Day of November

Today is the last day of November. Wow! In two days I will have a teenager in the house.


The Mad Toddler climbed up to the dinner table this evening and then took a tumble off the chair, head first onto the hard kitchen floor. Nothing like a little pre-dinner excitement! Now he has a nice bump (and yes, Mom, I did make sure he didn't have a concussion!). He keeps talking about it, how he fell and bonked his head and he was very sad. Of course, that has not stopped him from climbing on and off the arms of the couch and chair and tossing his red ball high in the living room, where he knows better.


The Mad Toddler, pre-bump. It is over his right eye.

We have been laying low this week. We all caught a terrible cold, and it has made school impossible (the boys are thrilled!). It looks like everyone is finally making a turn for the better (Awwww, man!).

This week I am pondering and struggling with how to be detached from worldly desires without becoming cold or less human.  What do you do when people hurt your feelings? Let you down? Do you let it go? Do you say something? How do you keep going and truly give it up, without being fake or just "stuffing it"? I know for sure that we are to be merciful if we want mercy for ourselves. Maybe that is the starting point for forgiveness.

Food for thought.

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