Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Beginning of the End

Ouch. I am making Spaphetti with Spicy Tomato Sauce from Cook This, Not That. I just finished dicing the onion, but my eyes have not fully recovered yet!

Tomorrow is our first big outing for Team Storm System, team 1937 of First Lego League, USA. From 3:30-4:45pm we will be presenting our robot game and sharing our project research at Shimelfphinig library in Plano, TX. Whew! And in one week from today, we will go to competition.

This has been a wild, wild ride. I knew it would be difficult, but I did not realize how hard and time-comsuming to would be. My group of nine boys is full of smart kids, but when they all get together, something weird happens. The different personalities have at times clashed, rubbed, irritated, and distracted each other. Lots of Alpha Dogs, if ya know what I mean. I do not think they realize how much they have learned and grown through this process.

I hope they all return for next season. Yup. Next season. I am doing it again.

Crazy lady.

Chances are we will not make it past our Qualifier Round. 13 out of 33 teams will make it to the championships. We do not stand a chance in the teamwork category, technical design, or, sadly, the robot game - too much left to learn, there. The one place I think they have a chance is in the Project presentation. IF we work hard to perfect it this week, and IF they can handle the judges questions afterwards. The top three scores in the Project Presentation will move on. And yes, I do think they have a chance.

But most of me is ready to be done. I need my life back for a while! And I am likely to have it back real soon.

No matter how they do, I am really proud of them.

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Susan Ryan said...

If you've already decided you'll do it again next year before the grand finale, then it must be worth it.
You sound like a great coach.
Best wishes to your group of nine and you!
Seems like that spicy tomato sauce should keep you sparked up.