Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Twas the Night Before the Night Before the Night Before Christmas

Today was busy with Christmas prep, but really great. ArtGuy has not taken all his time off work for years, and so it tends to roll over every year. This year it has to be used up, or he loses it. So, he is off for 12 days. Yessssssss!
The Mad Toddler showed his daddy his truly stinky side today. It was good to know ArtGuy got to deal with what I get all the time! Usually, the Mad Toddler is an angel for Daddy. Not today!
All the boys are getting squirrely.  The Young Adult and Cookie Boy ganged up on Romeo this evening, and some convoluted story ended with Romeo's shirt being ripped off this body and stolen. ArtGuy was putting the Mad Toddler to bed, and me? I was at choir practice, where I received an emergency cell phone call from Romeo asking for help.
Cookie Boy and the Young Adult have lost video game and computer privileges for tomorrow. Bummer, being break and all. Guess they can just park their rears and watch mom play! Bwah haaah haaaah!

ArtGuy is calling me "church lady" this week. Okay, okay, so I spend a lot of time there. Christmas is my "busy season". Along with every other church musician! 4 masses last weekend and 5 this weekend, split between two churches. I will be ready for a break next week!

Yesterday, it was a record high temperature, hovering around 83 degrees. I loved it, as I knew it was short-lived. We all got outside, which was good, as today was cloudy and cold!

Cookie Boy - notice the SHORTS! In December!

The Mad Toddler loves his Y-bike!

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