Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet

Unless that rose smelled like dog poo. Then it wouldn't smell sweet AT.... ALL!

I remember being in 4th grade. Overall, it was not my best year. I received my first F on a report card and had a teacher who had no qualms making it known who she liked and disliked. I was not one of her favorites.
Other than that, one of my outstanding memories is of perfume. I remember a teacher walking by, a trail of scrumptious scent in her wake. I soaked it in, savoring the smell. I knew then that I wanted to smell just like that when I was older. Yummy.

What no one tells you is that perfume smells different on different people. Very. Different.

I have an unfortunate body chemistry. It turns almost all scent into the same smell - dog poo. I relayed this information to my mother when I was in college. She did one of those mother-scoffs at me. Until we went to the mall and I sprayed a few perfumes on my wrist for her.

After she stopped gagging, she made me go wash myself off in the bathroom of Dillards.

Apparently, my body only accepts vanilla-based or fruit scents. No floral for me. Or anything else.

ArtGuy got me body lotion for Christmas. He knows my "issue". He chose gingerbread. One of my favorite foods and what should seem like a good choice. But even in the bottle it smells more like the actual spice of ginger than the culmination of ingredients of gingerbread, which should have a more homey, fresh-baked smell. In fact, he got good lotion, not the cheap stuff. He got Philosophy's Gingerbread Girl.
I tried it Christmas morning. ArtGuy and I were a little disappointed in the outcome. But, Christmas morning is always an overload of sights, sounds, and smells. So I gave it another try today.
Here I sit, giving off an odor something like the Church at midnight Christmas mass, with the incense going strong. Not at all the impression I want to give.

Looks like the BFF might be getting a new tube of lotion.

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