Friday, December 24, 2010

O Come O Come Emmanuel

Rain pours down on our heads, which is much better than the storm that dumped ice and snow last Christmas Eve. The snow storm struck during mass, and we had a long, scary 30 minute drive home! So, this year's rain is okay!

Thanks to Lisa, my friend and music director, for making sure I have a way to jump from one mass to another without drowning or losing my parking space!

About to head out to help direct the Children's choir at Seton in their pageant, then will get chauffeured across to the 4:30 liturgy to sing! Then home for a few hours, then off to midnight mass at another parish, where we will sing amazing songs tonight!

We enjoyed a delicious lunch of crackers and meat, and cheese. The cheese came to us from ArtGuy's brother in Wisconsin, and is one of our yearly delights!

We let the boys open a gift from their Virginia grandparents this morning. #1 - to help while away the rainy hours and #2 - so they get a chance to really enjoy their grandparents' present before the Christmas gift orgy begins! They got a new video game from Grandma Nan and Grandpa John and another video game from Uncle Steve. They haven't gotten new games in a year, so they are thrilled.
The Mad Toddler got a recycling truck from his grandparents, and he is over the moon! He has had it with him all day.

Merry Christmas to you all!

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