Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blessed Mercy Highland Houston

A weird blog post title to describe the weekend!

1) Mercy - Divine Mercy Sunday - a beautiful reminder one week after Easter Sunday. Mercy is a word that is not appreciated enough. Doesn't mercy always surprise us? Mercy when a late paper is forgiven, mercy when a friend does not get mad over a stupid comment we made, mercy when our spouse forgive us for doing something boneheaded or even hurtful, mercy when a debt is cancelled, mercy when a police officer gives us a warning and not a ticket - don't we say things like, "Wow, that was lucky!" or "I really dodged a bullet that time". No -it was mercy and it is always surprising. Mercy is beyond generosity. Mercy is soul deep. Today we remember the mercy that makes us a truly free people - free from bondage of the heart and soul, and we, in turn, need to be grateful and to pass that mercy along to others. Even when it makes us appear foolish in the eyes of the world.

2) Blessed - Happy beatification of John Paul II. Papa, pray for us!

3) Highland - yesterday was another Highland dance competition. The Young Adult danced four dances. He disqualified on two, came in 4th in one and 3rd in another, which sounds okay, but was actually last place in each dance. He was bitterly disappointed. But I am proud of him, and know he will keep working hard.

We got to see the last half of the South West Regional Championships, where there were two guys in the 18 and older category. That was an inspiration to The Young Adult. The guys were cool to watch!

I was reflecting yesterday how difficult this sport it. The kids work and work and work and work. Then it comes time for a competition, and they have to get each move just right. One wrong turn and you can be disqualified. Sigh. Even uneven socks can take points away.

The "littles" are so fun to watch. These are the youngest kids - like 4 and 5 years old. They are precious!

4) Houston - that is where we are. For the competition. My hair shows I am in Houston.. Since the birth of the Mad Toddler, my hair has been going downhill. Once my favorite physical feature about myself, now I hate it. It is not longer as think, and tends to be limp instead of full of body. Except when I am in Houston, apparently. It is like meeting an old friend again!  A frizzy, curly friend!!!
I am writing in my hotel room. We are about to pack up and head out, but it has been a great trip so far. Just me, the Young Adult, and our friend, Cupcake. They are so easy to travel with. They have their Nintendo DS's, and they play DS and talk DS all the time. It is like a vacation for me! Especially since ArtGuy is dealing with two kids with a tummy virus at home....

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