Monday, May 16, 2011

A Beautiful Weekend

I am typing this outside.

Outside, I tell you.

North Texas is enjoying an unexpected burst of beautiful spring weather. Today the high will be 75, I believe. It is beautiful - as it has been for the past three days. So, it is afternoon, and I am sitting in a patio chair on the back porch, listening to birds chirp, while the Monkey pours sand into the water side of his sand/water table. Bliss!

I cannot believe the end of the school year is coming. We still have things to finish up, but most of the heavy lifting will be done in two weeks. I cannot wait! Already soccer is done, youth group is done, and this week Cub Scouts will be done! This means ArtGuy and I may actually see each other on a daily basis soon!

1) We had the Monkey's birthday party yesterday. He was so excited! This was the first birthday he "understood", so watching him was a lot of fun.

2) We keep telling the Monkey that, since he is now three, he is going to learn to use the potty and sleep in his own room. He does not look impressed.

3) I am shaving my legs every day, since the Monkey has taken it as his responsibility to do "leg checks" in public, then announcing to everyone in earshot that "Euw! Mommy, your legs have lots of prickles! I don't want to touch them." ....Thanks son.

4) The Young Adult is attending his Scottish Highland dance class three times a week this month. Three times a week equals 4 1/2 hours of rehearsal! I participated in the last five minutes of just their cool down on Friday, and my core muscles screamed in protest the rest of the weekend. I think if I could take that class, I would be in shape (or dead) in a month! Their cool-down - their cool-down, mind you - is what I have done as the main part of cardio exercise classes. Which confirms my theory that Highland Dance is not for wimps!

5) As nice as the weather is, I am sure it will be 105 degrees, like last year, by June 4, when we go to the Arlington Highland games for the next dancer competition.

6) Cookie Boy takes his swimming test for Boy Scouts tonight. The community pool has been too cool (due to the unseasonably cool weather) for us to practice much this past week. We have been practicing on dry land! Poor kid! Good luck!

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