Monday, May 9, 2011

Big Three

My baby is three today!!!


The Mad Toddler is going to have to get a new nickname, because as of today, he is no longer a toddler. I am sad to see my baby leave his baby days behind, but I am excited to know we are just beginning the great adventure of discovery of the outside world.

New bike for the 2nd birthday

I love my baby! He is independent, strong-willed, curious, sweet, playful, with just a dash of self-preservation. he is adored by his three big brothers, and loved to pieces by his mom and dad.

Loving on Granny

It has been a real experience having a baby BE a baby all by himself. The older three are all two years apart, so life was pretty crazy when they were all small. This time around, the Mad Toddler had babyhood all to himself and two parents and three junior parents to dote on him. He has never lacked for entertainment or company.

He is loved, and he knows it!

A couple of weeks before the Mad Toddler's appearance

Arriving via emergency c-section, the 10 1/2 lb Mad Toddler arrives
Almost edibly delicious!
With Grandma Nan at age 1 1/2
Canoing at age 2
Matching shirts with The Young Adult


Patty said...

Just mixed emotions, isn't it?! Happy birthday to your little man!

The last photo in particular was just so cute!

Maggie said...

Happy Birthday, dearest sweet godson! He's always been such a little man. All of us are forever grateful to him for bringing The Wiggles into our lives. God bless him!

Brandi Leach said...

You are going to have to start calling hin the Mad Preschooler...or maybe just Wild Child!