Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Mardi Gras

Happy Mardi Gras!

We are all recovering from illness. I suspect it was the flu, but what do I know? It was miserable, that is for sure!

We are gearing up for a visit from ArtGuy's parents this weekend. The house is a mess! I am trying to bring it to submission, but it refuses to yield! We will see who wins this battle.

The house, most likely, if my interactions with the Mad Toddler are any indication. The boys finally see the need to tell their youngest brother "no" from time to time. They glimpse the scary monster that lurks beneath the surface. We are trying to be gentle, but firm. The young master will learn, in time. Bed is another issue entirely. The Mad Toddler has not slept in his own bed in a while. Sigh. Vivid dreams each night have him scared to sleep there. So, guess who he is bunking with? Mom and Dad! Whoo hooo! Nothing says "good night's sleep" like a floppy 2 1/2 year old sharing a lumpy bed with you!

Cookie Boy just crossed over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. I cannot believe my little Cookie Boy is a Boy Scout! Waaaaaaaah! Ever our practical child, Cookie Boy refused to work on any beads or belt loops in the last year, because, "You just have to start all over again in Boy Scouts. so it is pointless"! That's my boy!
Before Cookie Boy's 1st Tiger meeting! Wah!

A mere two days after Cookie Boy's crossover, the Young Adult had his Boy Scout Court of Honor. Choosing the path of the tortoise rather than the hare, he was about the last of his year to make 1st class. That is okay - slow and steady wins the race!
Adding the Mother's pin!

The Young Adult towers over me! The Mad Toddler is yawning, but he looks like he is being ferocious!

The Court of Honor is always enjoyable. There is something that tugs at my heart when I see all those gawky boys loping around! Of course the night ended with a Snack Nazi screaming at me for daring to unwrap some of the plates of cookies as the hordes of parents exited the Court of Honor for a little snack. I primly sneered at her and continued my mission of mercy! Hah!

Time for my Mardi Gras ice cream! Whooo hoooo!


Patty said...

Wow! to your boys and their scout accomplishments. Congratulations!!!

For any mess...just shove it under a bed if all else fails.

Enjoy your visit!

Ang said...

Hahaha! The Snack Nazi! You are so funny. I am right there with you about the heart tugging. I get this proud feeling of the boys when they walk up there as if they are my own! What a geek!

P.S. I like your friend Patty's style. :)