Friday, March 18, 2011

Almost There

Almost to the end of the week, anyway!

It was been one of those unexpectedly difficult weeks. You know, the ones you did not see coming? I really think most of it can be attributed to the Mad Toddler's recent foray into the "terrible twos". Our older three boys all hit that stage at around three, instead of two, but it looks like the Mad Toddler is going to join up early. Gah! It is nothing but trying to tame that wild will all day long. Nothin' like a little conflict first thing in the morning. By the time ArtGuy gets home, I am about wiped out!
I daydreamed today about a conflict-free day. No two-year-olds to fight. No 13-year-olds to patiently (or not-so-patiently) endure. Homeschooling has a few disadvantages, and one of them is not-enough-time-away-from-the-kids! Usually, I love being with them a lot, but...not this week.

Things have been happening on a personal level that leave me trying to figure out what God wants from me at the moment. Lots of shake-ups. A few weeks ago was a real personal low, where there was no one to really turn to. I tried, but met silence or disinterest on all sides. It has made me remember back to college days, during a very difficult time when there was some huge drama in several relationships all at once, which left me shaking and questioning everything. Scott Hahn, who was one of my professors, said...during that very week, which I could only interpret as a message straight to me from God!....that when life changes, and everything around you seems to crumble, look out! God is about something new in your life, and He is getting you ready for it.
So, no despair! Steady on and fight the good fight. That is all one can do, anyway.No matter how completely imperfectly one goes about it.


Brandi Leach said...

Sorry you have been feeling down. If you want to chat about it, e-mail or call!

texasmom said...

Thanks, Brandi. I will! I know you are busy with a new baby (notice I did NOT say "little one"! Oh, no! My youngest godson is a healthy boy!)

Brandi Leach said...

I'm never too busy to chat if you need it!