Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Thanksgiving Day is in two days. So hard to believe.

Finally, I have a breather! Soccer is over until spring, homeschool coop is finished up. I love our homeschool coop. The kids have a chance to take really cool classes, be in a classroom setting, have classmates, and get a break from me (unless they take my class!). The down side is the time - lots of time spent on lesson planning, gathering materials, and then getting us all ready and out the door for a day at "school". We have spent 11 semesters in coop, and I am pretty burned out! So, in the spring, ArtGuy is taking over teaching on Fridays at coop and I get a few hours to myself! I am very, very excited. I might even be able to write again!

My little First Lego League team is limping towards the finish line. We have 2 1/2 weeks until the competition, and still a long way to go. The boys put in eight hours of work together this week, and a few hours on their own at their homes. They look dazed and worn, and alternately excited and terrified. I am very, very proud of them (when I don't want to bang their heads together). They are managing to get a lot together.

Our best chance of making it past the Qualifier to the Championships lies with our Project Presentation. Every team must do a 5 minute creative, informative presentation in front of a panel of judges on this year's theme. The theme is "biomedical engineering" and our team chose to brave the waters of nanotechnology to research  how to prevent strokes through the destruction of blood clots via nanotechnology.

Yeah. Nothin' like a little scientific challenge to make the year interesting.

The boys plan to do a talk with posters, then a funny skit. It looks promising!

We'll see!

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