Monday, November 29, 2010

Classic Christmas Characters Go to Hogwarts

Happy belated Thanksgiving! I hope yours was wonderful and warm and cozy!

We were lucky enough to drive down to Austin to spend the holiday with my Little Bro and his family. My super-star sister-in-law Sarah is one of the best cooks I know, so the meal was incredible. Four words - bacon and sausage stuffing. Need I say more? Well, I will. Two more words - granola pie. One of the best pies I have had (it also doubles as a holiday breakfast food!).
Of course, the food was only part of it. We enjoyed the company even more. It was a relaxing, stress-free holiday. New family tradition? Oh, I think so!

Sarah carving her perfect turkey. 

Cousins waiting to eat

ArtGuy and I had to spend 4 hours together on the way to Austin and 4 hours on the way back, stuck in a car. The kids were playing video games or watching movies for the most part, so there was nothing to do for us!  Gasp! After several years of fast-paced, breakneck living, carting kids (or ourselves) from one event to another, hours of extended talking is something we are quite out of practice with. It was nice to to get a good work out in the "conversations" department!

On the way home, taveling on I35, somewhere around Waco, we came up with the brilliant idea of trying to figure out which Hogwarts house classic Christmas characters would belong to. I will share. You may have a different opinion or insight. Sadly, we are not as wise as the Sorting Hat, so take our classifications with a grain of salt!

Frosty the Snowman
  • Frosty the Snowman - definetly Hufflepuff, if that. In the classic Frosty the Snowman episode, he is friendly, but not super smart ("Happy birthday?"). In the end he is willing to give up his life for his friend, a redeeming quality. So, Hufflepuff. However, in all later Frosty stories, he is just pretty stupid. If you go by those, he may be more Squib than House-worthy!. 
  • Professor Hinkle - Slytherin - he is all about 'what's in it for me"
  • Karen - Gryffindor - she is brave and noble, willing to sacrifice for the good of her friend.


  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - I think he is pretty clearly Gryffindor. Heart of gold, bravery, fallible but redeemable, heroic, and facing almost impossible odds and prejudice. Yup. Gryfindor.
  • Hermey - probably Ravenclaw. He has the brains, you know. Although an arguement for Gryffindor will do.
  • Yukon Cornelius - I am going with Hufflepuff here. He is true and loyal and trustworthy. Dependable. Hufflepuff, in the very best way.
  • Clarice - Gryffindor. She loves her man with all her heart, and not even the sexist world of the North Pole reindeers can keep her down. 
  • Santa - he is pretty tough in this story. He may be the representative of all that is innocent and pure, but he acte more Slytherin than anything. He hates the elves' singing, he encourages the isolation and identification of "misfits". Tsk, tsk.
  • Donner - Slytherin. Does not want to accept anything less than what appears "perfect" in the eyes of society. All about how HE looks and not worried about his own child until things get really bad. Totally understandable why he and Santa are such chums. 
 That is all for now. Maybe more later. Time to take the Mad Toddler outside and try to run that energy level down for a good nap!

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