Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday Things

Hello, Wednesday!

This time of year is hard for someone trying to lose weight! Halloween candy is hidden in various parts of the kitchen. There is always sooooooo much of it. We usually end up throwing a bunch out right before Easter. Add to that the leftover brownies from Cookie Boy's birthday sitting on the counter. Despite being covered up, I can smell the faint, intoxicating chocolate aroma wafting into the living room.

I am going to make those boys finish the brownies up in just a moment! Get thee behind me, Satan!

This is the last week of fall soccer for Romeo. I am very excited! That will be one less thing to do on Wednesdays and one less thing on Saturdays. Hooray! But first, there is a make-up game tonight. After receiving over 2 inches of rain yesterday, I am anticipating a lot of mud this evening. Oughta go well with the white shirt, no? The Mad Toddler will have a blast in the mud. The only shoes that fit his feet at the moment are sandals. I do not think that is going to work! Better dig around.

Three more weeks of our homeschool coop. I am beyond happy. I am so burned out. I am taking next semester off. Whoo hoooo! It is fun for the boys, but it is so much work for me.

Sometimes I wonder if I should ever have been a mother or a wife.

Maybe I just need a vacation.




Yeah, right!

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