Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

1. This is why I don't exercise - my goal was just 10 minutes on the stationary bike yesterday. TEN minutes. That is not very long, but reasonable in the midst of my day. After the third interruption (all of which featured the Mad Toddler, one of which involved the word "poopy" and another of which involved a confession of "I eat M&M's"), I looked at the timer on the bike - 58 seconds. Yup. Three interruptions in less than one minute. I guess it is more exercise to keep getting up to do things (i.e. change diapers or rescue M&M's).

2. I called a moraorium on extracurriculuar family activities for the day. We are all cancelling every event this afternoon and just spending an evening as a family. That is how busy it has been. I don't care what you are missing and where you need to be. We are staying home.

3. Why does everyone want money all the time? The government, the electric company, the mortgage company - sheesh.

4. Why do more people want money? A fee to help appreciate the soccer coach, a fee for staff appreciation at our coop location, money for class fees, money to get into the location for the Young Adult's dance competition, and so on. I mean, the soccer coach is awesome and deserves a nice thank you, but everything always seems to hit at once.

5. My checkbook is sad.

6. I have had to tell the 12 year old to stop getting into a power struggle with the 2 year old 5 times in 3 minutes.

7. The Mad Toddler awoke in a crabby mood from nap.

8. That is it for today!

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