Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pity, Party of One

In homeschooling, some days are fulfilling, and some leave a lot to be desired.

Today was neither. It was an in-the-middle day. Not horrible, but it certainly had its low points.

  • Like when I found out the 6th grader was not doing his math....again....This from the kid who wants to be a future-math-teacher-of-America. Yeah, not actually doing your math may be a stumbling block to this particular dream. 
  • The realization that, although my mother and aunt are swooping in once-a-week, a la fairy godmother, and doing Cinderella's chores so she can join the Ball of Life one day a week, I am still an abysmal  housekeeper. Not shooting for "House Beautiful" here, just would like to walk through a room and not go "ugh"!
  • Reading a new blog, which has like 100 replies, including people chanting "Publish", "Go on tour", "You are our new favorite". Not that my goal is blog-stardom, but I would like to be successful writer ("successful" here means published and respected, not wealthy), and my writing feels....silly.
  • I have to drive the Young Adult to dance for the 2nd time this week. Which I hate. 30 minutes in and 30 minutes back= 1 hour of stress. Drivers here are, mostly, so rude. It isn't that I am the slowest car on the road (at 5 miles over the speed limit), it is the tail-gating and swerving in front of me to prove a point. I hate it. But I will go, and try to be cheerful about it.
So, you see, it is nothing bad. But I am feeling a little blue and sorry for myself. It might be the headache I am trying to fight off. But it might just be plain ol' self-pity.

What is there to be sad about? I have a working vehicle, a working dryer, a working iPod (all recent additions), it is a sunny day, things are going well.

So, time to fight it. Call it what it is, and tell it to Go Away. Now.


"Pity, party of one? I am so sorry - looks like we are full for the day. You might want to try somewhere else."


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