Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bloom Where You are Planted

One of my favorite memories of college: It was a grey, cold Ohio winter day. Many students trooped into the chapel for the 6pm daily liturgy. The overall atmosphere was - gloomy.
Our presider that day was a priest whose name I no longer remember - he was older, thin, and had an adorable accent (French, French Canadian, maybe?). When he stood in front to give the homily, he paused, letting the kind of sad, grey atmosphere roll around the chapel.
"Bloom, bloom where you are planted," his joyful voice bounded into the quiet space.
All around me, my fellow students sat up straighter.
He looked around with a twinkle in his eye and repeated, "Bloom where you are planted!"
We all shook ourselves awake.
He went on to give a wonderful talk about no matter the weather, the trials, the atmosphere, God is with us at all times, and can help us to bloom, to succeed right where we are.
It was a long time ago, but my clear memory was of going in feeling blue, and coming on bouncing on my feet.

That homily, that moment, that call has stayed with me all these years. I have really been reflecting on it recently, quite a bit.

As my blog posts often show, I am still trying to figure out my place in this world. Just when I think I have it, everything shifts, and I no longer know who I am and what my calling is.

I love to write, sometimes. At other times, it is a challenge and a chore, but I love the feeling I get when something is finished.
I have not published in a few years, and it is bugging me.

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I feel like I cannot call myself an author, a real author, with the few things I have done. Plus, I want to do more, I feel called to do more, but the doors have not been opened to me. They have not been slammed in my face, either, just gently closed.

So, am I supposed to write now?

I do, when I can.
Then the other thing - this stupid, frustrating, amazing, cool, maddening Lego thing I find myself involved in.
Ready, set, Lego!

Why? I am no science or math genius. I do not have the logic or head-space to easily grasp how to put together and program a robot. I suggested coaching a team almost 2 years ago, for fun, not knowing what I was getting myself into.
Here we are, a few days after finishing our 2nd season of competition. And it is getting more serious.
You see, our first year, we stumbled through the whole process, learning as we went, and doing a pretty good job for our first time. This second year, we went much deeper into the whole thing, and we came pretty close to winning a trophy at the regional Championships four days ago.
And is it over? No. Several team members have gone home to build more robots. Design more programs. Learn more.
The coaches - we are already plotting and planning.

So, I find myself here, wondering how did I get to this place in my life where I am reading a rather technical book on NXT programming, with the little time I have to read anything at all?

And I realize - Bloom, bloom where you are planted!


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