Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year Hopes

Hello, new year! I love the thought of a whole, fresh year. Okay, maybe a little intimidated, as well, but mainly excited!

I usually do not "do" resolutions for the new year, but this year I am. Time for some life improvement!

So, here are my 12 resolutions for '12!

1. Eat healthy - I started last year, but took a little vacation for the holidays! Now, it is back to reality, and besides, healthy does not mean boring!
2. Walking program - I usually ride an stationary bike, and I will continue to, but I also want to add fast-paced walks to my program. Getting outside a little, getting out of the house, etc. I began today with a brisk 30 minute walk. Hope to get it up to 60 minutes.
3. Write every day - no matter what. Something.
4. Daily prayer - "real" prayer, not just the drive-by praying I usually do. I mean, being a homeschooling mom of 4 boys, I am a BIG fan of drive-by, "help-me-Lord" kind of praying, but I want to add back in to my life a more meditative time for prayer.
5. Me time - I have never aimed for this. But I have been struggling so much this past year with keeping it all together. So, this year I am going to strive for some time away from the family, so that I may be refreshed in order to actually serve my family better. I r am getting a huge boost in this from my mother and one of my aunts, who gave me the amazing gift at Christmas of one day off a week. Yes, you read correctly! One day a week, they are coming to my house and taking over so that I can get out and get some time. It is so amazing! I still cannot quite believe it!
6. Declutter the house. It may take the whole year, but the house needs a lot of decluttering.
7. Vitamins - I need to take the every day, so that my health can continue to improve.
8. Get a good haircut and maintain it! I am tired of looking like Frumpy Woman!
9. Positive thoughts - I am really going to work on replacing negative thinking with positive thinking
10.Financial Order - this may be the most "pie-in-the-sky" one on my list. We are so far from financial order, but I at least want to begin to move in that direction.
11.Publish - something, somehow.
12. Archery - I am going to fulfill my dream of really learning archery. something I have wanted to do since I was a kid. I used to rock at archery in summer camp, and never got enough of it. As an adult, I got myself BSA certified to teach Archery Level 1, and I totally rocked that class, as well. A new archery center has opened up, much nearer than anything before. My goal is to get in there and learn! I am so excited about this one!

Hope your New Year is merry and bright, and all that is good!


Patty said...

Hey girl! Where is the new archery center? I need to pass that info to David.

I encourage you with all that you have decided to write down. Keep it posted where you will see it. Read it once a day. Keep those daily achievements reachable so you do not get discouraged.

But you know all that.

Happy New Year! Thanks for all of your prayers. I'm definitely ready :) Scared for surgery, but ready :)

texasmom said...

Thanks, Patty! I have my list on my bathroom mirror, so i see it every day! :)
We went to their Halloween Spook-and-Shoot, which was so fun!
When is baby????