Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Sleep Gripe

pic by jade, morguefile. Titled "Greta's room". Don't know who Greta is, but I want her room.

Sleep. Sometimes I dream about it. But I'm not sleeping, so it must be a daydream.

Since the Mad Toddler has been born, I cannot enough sleep. My body is like a black hole of sleep. Never enough. Maybe because the older three were born closer together, but I can remember plenty of times where there were nights of little sleep. Sure, it was hard, but I was young and hardy and I managed.
Even when Cookie Boy was a baby. He woke up every hour-and-a half until he was past eight months old. ArtGuy and I were severely sleep deprived during that period! Poor ArtGuy had a lot of car accidents in that period of time, and I am convinced it was sleep deprivation - it is the only time he ever wrecked our vehicles!

But since the Mad Toddler...I feel like Sleeping Beauty. Well, I feel like I could be Sleeping Beauty if everyone would leave me alone and just!

ArtGuy did a lot of the getting up with kids over Christmas Break, and I actually started to feel like I was catching up on sleep then. But since he went back to work, I am back to feeling a bit like a zombie.

"To sleep perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub." (Hamlet)

I remember when Romeo was about 2 1/2 and finally started "sleeping in" until 8 or so. Bliss! Life became bearable again.
The Mad Toddler still does not sleep particularly well. It is much better than it was a few months ago, but we are not guaranteed an unbroken night's sleep. And no matter when you put him to bed, the Mad Toddler wakes up at the same time every morning - around 6:30am. That is too early!
6:30am is early in and off itself, but it isn't just the getting up. It is the being "on call" to the demands and whims of a two-year-old! I just cannot muster up the enthusiasm for "guess what I want to eat this morning" that early in the morning.
ArtGuy, bless his heart, has been doing this duty for the most part. I did it for the older three boys, so I guess it is fair. I feel a bit bad, being so utterly wiped-out every morning, but I love that my husband takes care of me this way.


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