Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Booger Blues

The Mad Toddler and I are sick. A little sick. Not fever-raving, laying-in-bed-sick, but just miserable enough for the Mad Toddler to whimper every now and then and say, "My boogers are stuck"!  I feel your pain, my friend.

There has been nothing accomplished today. I have basically laid around all day, feeling under the weather. ArtGuy is off work today, and he is getting the middle boys' bathroom painted. In general, I am not a fan of white walls. I need color. White has its place, but in my home, with four boys and their friends, white quickly becomes greeny-gray. Blech. So the boys' bathroom is becoming the same nice green as the Young Adult's bedroom. It looks great!

This past weekend was really nice. I got to go to a girls' night out, which was fun and relaxing. Lots of good food! Even better "hanging out" with friends time!
Yesterday we went to my mom's house. "Sundays with Mom" has been pretty much a tradition in our life since we moved close to her 12 years ago. The kids always look forward to seeing her, and we usually have a great time. A year ago, my mom made a big change. She sold her home and bought a new house with two of her sisters.
Now the advantage to this new living situation is that my kids have like a concentrated grandma thing at that house. In addition to Granny, there are now two great-aunts who miss their own grandkids and get to dote on mine instead! The kids glow under their deep love for them. And did I mention that they like to cook? Yesterday was chili (frito chili pie and chili dogs), fresh peach cobbler, and ice cream. Yuuummmmmmm!

Now I have to go rescue everyone from the Mad Toddler, who is doing his best to get in everyone's business!

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