Monday, January 10, 2011

First Day of School

First day of school for 2011!

A three week break means no one was performing at "genius" level today. Overall, it was not too bad. I think the boys were glad to get back to a schedule (though they will never admit it).
I am not so happy! I enjoyed my break, and just being a mom. Well, I also have done little laundry in over two weeks now. It is amazing how laundry is when I only have to do laundry for ArtGuy, the Mad Toddler, and myself. I cannot believe it has been over two weeks since the big boys had clean laundry. I KNOW they are wearing dirty clothes. I think I am about to ban anyone going out of the house in dirty clothing. We will see.

As I sit here, airing out my smoky house because I apparently added too much EVOO to the baked potato skins, or used EVOO when I didn't last time...not sure where I went wrong, but I know my house is full of smoke and there is still 40 minutes to go - anyway, I am adding pictures of the snow we are enjoying! the Mad Toddler is never going to believe it hardly snows in North Central Texas. Not after the past two years!

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Diana said...

Little Princess doesn't believe us either when we tell her that it doesn't snow much in Texas. :)