Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Misery of My Own Making

The sun is shining. It is nice and cool (which is ticking some people off, but not me! We will all be burnt to a crisp in a few months here is Texas, so cool is just fine by me.). So, why am I so miserable?

Well, it isn't 24 hours a day kind of misery. Just a blue-sy, come-and-go sort.

Three reasons: blogs, facebook and Pinterest.

I had a little free time today (the Pope retired! Let's watch and skip morning school!). So, I visited around the ol 'net. And have decided I am not funny, not interesting and not creative. I am not writing a blog that makes people both crack up and sigh as my delicately imparted wisdom brings them to sudden revelation. I am writing a blog about why I am having trouble writing a blog.

 I have nothing big or exciting to post on facebook. I have friends who are posting wonderful posts about Pope Benedict XVI, announcing pregnancies, giving birth, writing and publishing books, ending world hunger, and so on. I have nothing much to contribute. Well, except the fact the The Monkey is driving me so crazy today that I have sat him down beside me to cut paper with little-kid safe scissors, just to keep him busy! "Mommy has a fun idea! Cut this paper up! Why? It is important! . . . You are done already? here is a pen; now decorate the paper. Why? It is fun!"

And Pinterest! Sigh, Pinterest. I love you and hate you as I love and hate facebook. Because of you, I have learned how to deep clean both my nasty washing machine and my carpets and I found a recipe for crock-pot orange chicken. I can also keep track of recipes I find on the web, and bookmark them for those few days of the month when I actually cook. But also because of you, I know what I will never, ever do - organize my closet with cute bins, sew adorable little terry-cloth swimsuit coverups, or keep a pantry full of pre-made mixes for my own homemake cookies, cakes and muffins.

Yes, Pinterest, you have revealed to me the full extent of my lack of creativity. I gaze upon your bright thumbnails and read your pithy descriptions. I even repost. But you and I both know I have not lived up to your expectations of a Pinterest-follower. I am a mere wanna-be.

There is no hiding from myself on the internet.

You would think this would make me refrain from the Big Three (fb, Pinterest and reading fabulous blogs). But, no. I will go back, again and again. Like a sheep. Baaa baaa!

Otherwise, what in the world would I write about? ;)


Chris said...

If you are writing a blog about writing a blog, is this a metablog?

texasmom said...

Yo dog, I heard you like blogs, so we put a blog IN your blog!

Chris said...

I comment on blogs about blogs commenting on comments.