Monday, February 11, 2013

Preparing for Lent

Where to start today? Preparing for Lent, or the big announcement from Pope Benedict XVI? 600 years since a pope resigned from the chair of Peter. A very exciting time and one that calls for deep prayer.

A couple of worthy thoughts from the land of facebook:

As Sr. Mary Theresa just said: "Pope John Paul II remained in office so that he might show us how to suffer and how to die. Pope Benedict XVI is leaving the Papal Office so that he might show us how to live in humble honesty." BEAUTIFUL, SISTER!! Pope Benedict XVI is the 1st Disciple leading us all in this "Year of Faith" which he called under the Holy Spirit's inspiration! (from the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist).


 "The Pope is really setting a high bar for giving something up for Lent." -- Patrick Langrell (from Mr. J. Flynn's update. And I do not know either Patrick Lengrell or Mr. Flynn, but it was an excellent quote!)

Which is a perfect segue into the topic of Lent, which begin in two days from today. 

What will YOU do for Lent? 

From One Catholic Life comes this excellent blog with 101 Practical Fasting Ideas for Lent. This list was so great, I gathered the family around to show them. There were just so many things to choose from, all (as promised in the title) practical and reasonable. I mean, reasonable if you did one or two.Not all 101. That would not be at all reasonable, or sane. 

The ever-funny and thoughtful Simcha Fisher wrote this blog on Lenten Rookie Mistakes. Very good to consider these things. 

For me, I am going back to a classic: giving up (gulp) sweets. Sigh. 

Yeah, there is not anything else I can say about that.

Double sigh.

I will also be continuing by Lenten blog, The Teresa Project. Let me tell you, I did not realize what an impact last year's focus on St. Therese of Lisieux would have on my whole year.  I will tell you all about it soon, but for now, I will just say that what I began with Lent became my theme for the year.
This year, my focus will be on my favorite saint, St. Teresa of Avila. I have my books all ready and waiting to begin! 

Our family decided on a Lenten family promise. We will say one decade of the rosary together each evening. That will be a challenge, as we come and go like waves on a beach. But, one decade is do-able. 

Two days. Lots to pray about. 

Lent? Bring it on! 

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Chris said...

Thanks for the link to the 101 Practical Fasting Ideas, Christine! I sent that link to Maggie.

In Lent, I usually try to put on a new habit, that is, to take on something that I will continue after Lent. Still working on this year's idea!