Friday, March 1, 2013

A Full Week - 7 Quick Takes

Friday! Finally!!!! This has felt like a very long week.

 Let's recap:

1) My husband busted his head wrestling a fence post out of the ground. Let's just say, the saying that head wounds bleed a lot? It is very, very true. 3 staples and he is a new man. Until he gets them removed tomorrow. I was very proud of myself for not passing out a) when he came in the house, looking like something off a Monty Python or SNL skit and b) when he got 3 staples.

It was a close call (for me, I mean!)

2) All the normal stuff that goes on every week: school, housework, choir, driving kids to places

3) My electricity getting shut off for a day because someone forgot to pay the bill. (Not mentioning names here.  See how charitable I am being?) Wednesday was a long, cold, dark day. The Young Adult had to scooter on down to McD's for a wifi spot for math class, but it was a good excuse for a little soda. I managed to get the kind of worn knob for the fireplace gas turned on, so we were able to take the chill off the living room. Although the someone-who-forgot-to-pay-the-bill said they owe be big time, I have yet to see enough evidence of it. Ahem.

4) Saying good-bye to Pope Benedict XVI.  The boys and I went to a special mass st St. Gabe's Thursday morning, for celebration and prayer for Papa B. Then we came home to watch Pope Benedict XVI leave the Vatican on live streaming. So very cool!I kept telling my kids, "You are watching history happen right in front of your eyes"! And I am sure I will say the same thing when the conclave gets going.

I love all this Pope stuff! It makes my little Catholic heart so happy. 

5) I love Bad Catholic. Blogger Marc is so funny and so, so smart. Scary smart. If I believed in reincarnation, I would say CS Lewis, Chesterton, and Tolkien all decided to be reborn in one individual - Marc from Bad Catholic. But I don't believe in reincarnation. So, I guess I should say the Holy Spirit works through him in a might way.
Buuut, this week, I really disagreed with Marc over the validity of popular Christian music, In Defense of Christian Music. Notice I only disagreed with him on my very minor blog. If we were face to face, I would whisper "I don't agree" in a thin, girly voice and run and hide. Not because he is mean (I am sure he is not). But he is smart - did I mention that? Really smart.

6) My two oldest sons are leaving today on a Boy Scout campout - a biking campout. Meanwhile, I am having nightmares about broken bones and (more) head wounds and stuff like that. It did not help that Art Guy gave the boys a safety lecture in my hearing last night. If he loved me, he would have given me a nice snack, a good book and sent me from the room first.

7) Today I get to go visit a friend! A real, live friend! Our boys are friends, too, so - score! The Monkey will run off and play with her two youngest and my middle boys will play with her oldest ( and my oldest will stay home and go to his online math class), and she and I will just sit and talk. Or, since we are both out of practice at real, grown-up conversation, we may just sit and drool. I am good either way!

Thanks to Jennifer at Conversion Diary for hosting 7 Quick Takes!

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