Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nightime Guilt

Here I sit on a dreary, misty, chilly Tuesday afternoon. I feel the press of all I have not done today- laundry in the washer and dryer, the blinking light on the printer reminding me we are out of paper and I did not pick any up at the store, the realization I have not sat down to email my bestie, my room which looks like a 13-year-old slob lives there, and so on.

Sometimes the press of what is not done is so overwhelming. It usually hits me at night, as I lay me down to sleep. I snuggle down in my bed, ready to drift off, and . . . BAM!

"I did not submit that form for a grant for next year's FLL. We will never get any money and get new equipment!"

"Did I even work with Romeo during school today? I have not graded papers in a week! Cookie Boy will write like a two-year-old all his life and it is my fault."

And the worst:

"HOW long has it been since we got the kids to the dentist?"

Last night was one of those nights. I keep a pad of paper and a pen on my bedside table, so that I can write it all down as it pours forth. It helps a little. This morning I had a list of to-do's to guide me through my hours.

Tomorrow begins the season of Lent.  Time to offer up and buckle down. I will continue my Lenten blog, The Teresa Project, through Lent this year.

For today, enjoy those sweets and goodies!

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