Monday, August 1, 2011

Weather Related

So, any post this week is going to contain weather related topics in it. Why, you ask? Because, it is HOT!

Yesterday's forecast:

At the moment, it is 4:45pm and 106 degrees. And it will be hotter this week. The daily "lows" are not exactly low, are they?
Yikes! The ground around my house has pulled back, kind of like a cake that is a little over-baked.

Trying not to think about our foundation....

We are getting ready for the twice yearly Court of Honor for Boy Scouts. We have had some trouble getting The Young Adult motivated to work on merit badges. He is finally getting some done, but will only be honored for one tonight. Still, I am proud of him. Cookie Boy should get his first rank advancement tonight!

I have been working very hard on getting  ready for the Monkey's first homeschooled preschool. Look for pictures to come!


Patty said...

Hey, do you guys have soaker hoses? If not, you can find them at Lowe's or Home Depot. It makes all the difference. This year, David dug his in the ground right next to the foundation under a few inches of dirt. He runs them for 10-15 min's every few days.

I think the heat is bothering me so much because it started way too early this year.

Our pool is only packed at 9:30pm LOL

texasmom said...

I passed this on to my husband! We are SO going to do this. You know, later. If we tried to dig now, I think the earth would crack and break open!
Thanks, Patty!