Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Assessment

Even though we officially started school last week, I am still mulling over the end of summer. Probably because it is still a bazillion degrees outside.
My feelings exactly!

My goals for the summer, according to a post I made in May, were:
  • clean the house ("clean" is a relative term, but the end of the school year usually means a slide into messiness. So, time to regroup and return the house into some semblance of order). I actually did some of this! The school closet got a re-haul, and other things got a straightening up. Not a stellar job, but an adequate job!
  • swim - lots and lots! I started out strong, but then it got so hot and I got so lazy, I kind of stopped. However, I promised myself and the kids we would get a lot more swimming in this week!
  • write...something....  Nope. Did not happen. Besides the blog, anyway.
  • potty train the Monkey Yeeeeessssss!!!!
  • get the Monkey to sleep in his own room. Double YEEEESSSSSS!!!!
  • just have fun! ??????
Making the "big boy" bed!

Overall, it all turned out pretty good. The heat is killing us, but hopefully it will all be over in a month or so!

So far, I do not have goals for the Fall. Yet ....

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