Friday, August 12, 2011

7 Quick Takes vol 3

Okay - it is FRIDAY!!!!! Yea! Thanks to Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary for hosting this. It really gives me a goal each week!

So, here are seven things tumbling around my head....

1. This was our first week back at school! We survived. What did I learn? One should never start school and one's "visit from Mother Nature" at the same time.


2. The Monkey.

He is a handful.

Today is a good example. He is exhibiting a high level of crabbiness today. This is the note ArtGuy left me this morning. It has made me laugh all day.

3. August is a great month for saints. I mean, every month has great saints, but August just seems to be filled with many of my favorites. Every day, I feel like I am saying, "Oooo, ooooo, look who is the saint today!"
Aug 4 - St John Vianney
Aug 8 - St Dominic
Aug 9 - St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross/Edith Stein
Aug 11 - St. Clare
Aug 14 - St Maximilian Kolbe
Aug 20 - St. Bernard of Clairvaux
Aug 27 - St. Monica
Aug 28 - St. Augustine
and many more! Not to mention that Aug 15 is the Feast of the Assumption of Mary!

August is an awesome month for saints!

4. August is my birthday month! Whooo hooooo! Par-tee, par-tee!
I love birthdays. The presents, the cake, the..specialness.
I get so excited! I am NOT happy about being another year older, but I do love feeling special!

5. And my birthday brought an extra "gift" this month. I had to go to our local DMV to renew my driver's person! Lucky me!
The good news - all the people that worked there were really all very lovely.
The bad news - it took over two hours, one hour of which was spent in a line outside. With the Monkey.

It was also my first driver's license picture as a fatty. I hate my round face. Blech!

I needed a very large Dr. Pepper when it was all over.

6. This week, along with the beginning of school, we are trying something new. The boys and I are reading through the readings for the upcoming Sunday every day. The first day we just read them out loud. The second day, we reread them, and began discussing what they might have meant historically. The third day, we listened to the psalm. The fourth day I was stuck in line in the DMV. Today we ended by discussing what the readings could mean to us today.
It helps us to "break open the word", and helps the boys gain skills in looking things up in their Bibles.

7. I love reality shows about cooking, interior design, and fashion. They are my guilty pleasure. I think it is because I do none of those things well - cook, decorate, or understand what fashion is or how to wear it!

And now it is time to go put the Monkey down for a nap. Hallelujah!

And Happy Friday!


Kahtleen Basi said...

Happy birthday! I'm an August baby, too. Along with several cousins, a sister, my husband, his father, five anniversaries...


I'm proud to say that none of our family events are in August. I drew the line and said: "No more!" ;)

texasmom said...

Oh, that is so funny! My older brother's b-day is the end of July, my younger brother, SIL, and some aunts are all in August! We used to have big family birthdays!