Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Hello? Who's There?"

Last week, ArtGuy and the Monkey were playing cars on the floor in the living room. I sat next to them, listening to their cute conversation.

Suddenly, my cell phone rang! That may not sound too exciting, but you have to understand
a) that not many people call my cell phone,
b) ArtGuy and I only have pay-as-you-go phones. We are bare-bones when it comes to cells.

I jumped up to grab my phone, which was ringing out with the theme from "Star Wars" (trust me - this is a great ringtone! Very exciting!) from the piano, and checked caller ID. Who could it be? Lisa? Maggie? Brandi?

None of the above. It husband?

But my husband was sitting right in front of me...

And suddenly, I knew - I had just been butt-dialed.

My husband, ArGuy, is a FBD - Frequent Butt Dialer.

Not familiar with the problem?

Watch this:

This could be ArtGuy and me. It happens with regularity.

For example, two weeks ago, my phone rang. I saw from caller ID that it was ArtGuy calling on his cell phone, during lunch. I figured, great! He must be out shopping and found something cool to tell me about, or, maybe he just misses me. So I answered, in my cutest "wifey-at-home" voice, only to hear background noise.

I had just been butt-dialed...again.

So you can imagine my excitement last Friday when ArtGuy announced he was ready for a new cell phone! Yea - no more butt dialing!

Here is the old phone:

Here is the new phone:

Notice the difference? Me, neither!

I guess I better get used to intercepting some calls from "down under"!


Anonymous said...

Hey, and with the full QWERTY keyboard, now you might even get some butt texts!
But don't get your hopes up - the new phone has an auto-lock feature. :-)

- Artguy

CSteve said...


Thank you for bringing this serious issue to the fore. Perhaps you could discuss in a future blog how to handle some of the serious related issues to this problem, like:

1. What to do when the butt dialers butt actually engages you in conversation. And if the butt is rude is it ok to call it an @$$.

2. Homeopathic remedies for "Keypad Cheek." A potentially life-threatening condition.

3. A related hygenic problem know as "Smelly phone"

Great blog topic!

Chris Stephens
(sorry, sleep deprived =-p )

texasmom said...

"Keypad Cheek"? "Smelly Phone"? You made me snort milk through my nose!