Friday, December 11, 2009

Yea, It's Friday

Ahhhh, the end of another week. Well, at least as far as school goes, that is! On Friday, I know I have survived another week of homeschooling. You would think that after seven years of this, it would be no big deal. Not true! I guess because the kids keep growing and changing our school keeps growing and changing.
   On Monday I start out with enthusiasm and big plans. Tuesday does not derail this at all. Yet somewhere between Monday and Thursday, something changes. I know it is Thursday each week, because that is the day I barely make it. Each week. By Thursday night, I am ready to throw in the towel, run away to Hawaii, and hang up my homeschooling hat forever.
   I know, I know. I chose this life. And I still choose it.
    I never meant to homeschool. When our oldest was a baby, ArtGuy and I talked about what we imagined we would do for schooling. We were were so poor, we knew private school would not be an option. Both of us were  public-school educated, and did just fine. I looked at my handsome husband and laughed, "Well, I know one thing we won't do - homeschool"!  We both had a good laugh.
    I can be very slow to learn in my life. One thing I realize now. Usually when I say I won't do something, God manages to bring it into my life, or challenge me in that area at a later date.
   So.....a few years later, we faced the question of kindergarten. Ironically, we had moved back to my home state, and to the very school district where I was educated. It is a good one. The Young Adult would certainly have gone to public school if all the kindergartens had not changed to full-day the year he began. The Young Adult had been in preschool, but we had concerns. He was very bright. So bright he was always far ahead of his class. He would get quite bored. He had always been in small classrooms, so the teachers found ways to challenge him. On top of that, he missed home while he was gone. So much so that when I picked him up from school, he would share nothing until I recounted everything that had happened in his absence.
   Our fears were that he would be bored in kindergarten and would end up in trouble. We did not want to see his bright, unique spirit bruised. So, realizing the full irony, I decided to homeschool - for ONE year, to give him time to mature.
  And that, as they say, is history! Somehow or another, we ended up deciding to homeschool each year. Until about five years in, when I realized it was no longer such a temporary thing, but our lifestyle.
   Homeschooling is hard, but very addicting. We have such freedom. Yes, there is a lot of work that goes into it, but we get to learn the coolest things! I have a seven year old who can't get enough of Ancient Egypt. How cool is it that when I was talking about the Pharaohs to my husband, I could turn to Romeo and ask him a question about Hatshepsut I didn't remember, and Romeo could explain at length.
  Yes, I have to spend a lot of time with my kids, but we like each other. We can handle it. And on days we can't, we take a break.
  So, all in all, by Friday I am glad for a break. But I will be ready again come Monday!

  Here are the finished pictures of our Annunciation art projects. I will post the lesson plan for any who want it. The Young Adult is no artist, and just read. But Cookie Boy's and Romeo's projects turned out great!

Romeo's statue interpretation of The Annunciation

Cookie Boy's crayon drawing of The Annunciation


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