Monday, December 14, 2009

Finding Our Voice

Life gets crazy.

My role as wife, mother to 4 boys, homeschooler, keeper of the house (which sounds soooo much nicer than "housekeeper"), cook, laundress, volunteer, sometimes-singer, writer, and whatever else often leaves my head spinning. Really, it is no more than most other women accomplish in a day. We, the great multi-taskers, cover an enoumous amount of ground on any given calendar day.

 Sometimes I feel lost in what I do. As much as I want to do these things I am doing, my own voice becomes buried in the myriad of work to be done. What would I even say?

 Perhaps you, too, feel overwhelmed with all the little things that go into a "day in the life" of you. At times I feel that if I actually did everything I wanted to every day, if I actually accomplished that mental list I keep in my head, my body would probably explode...or implode...not sure which, but it would be ugly!

So, how to organize ourselves? How to reclaim our own voices, yet remain faithful to the work we have been given by God? This week, let's explore!

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