Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Art Projects

Whew! This week has been full of projects, and I am not a really crafty person, usually! But the boys are taking an online class through Currclick.com (LOVE them). It is called "A Pioneer Christmas". They took a Colonial Thanksgiving one with the same teacher, Lorette Rhodes, and she is fantastic! So I signed them up for this one.

The particularly loved the crafts this time. They all chose crafts from the Boy Scout site, which made their manly hearts happy! The Young Adult (12) made a hunting knife. Cookie Boy (10) made a shot pouch (which his dad insists looks like a man-purse), and Romeo (7) made a hunting rifle. These crafts are already being played with quite a bit, so it was worth it. But let me just say 2 words - paper mache! Ugh! Messy, sticky, bleh! The end result was great, though.

Then, Romeo had another project he has been working on. For art this week, I have a lesson plan on "The Annunciation"- looking at different paintings by Renaissance masters. One of the projects I suggested was to make your own Annunciation, any way you want. Romeo chose statues, with plaster guaze. That would be Rigid Wrap,to you and me!

The figures look amazing! He is quite the artist, which makes his father quite proud. We are still working on them, but so far, I am in awe. I helped him, but only under his direction.

Gabriel, but his head is too heavy. Hoping ArtGuy will fix that!

Mary - I think this is just gorgeous!

The Annunciation

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