Friday, December 4, 2009

What We Do For Love

So today is my oldest son's 12th birthday party. We offered him two choices:
  1. Invite two friends, and we will take you somewhere fun: the movies, bowling, rock-wall climbing, etc...
  2. Invite a few more friends, and have a sleepover with video games
As I am making this offer a few weeks ago, the little voice inside my head is chanting: "Option 1! Option 1!". Of course, he goes with option 2. So now six other 11-and-12-year-old boys are invited. Five are coming for sure.
It hit me that every year these kids are getting bigger. Five extra boys in my house means something different when they are 12 than when they were 7. First of all, they take up way more space. Secondly, they tend to stink. I am thinking of handing out gift bags as they enter the door with deodorant and toothpaste (since they always seem to "accidentally" forget their toothbrushes at home).
Sigh. I love my son. THAT is why this is happening.

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