Saturday, July 27, 2013

You Know Not the Day Nor the Hour

I was going to post on something light-hearted and fun.VBS (which was awesome) or my silly kids or something clever about homeschooling.

But, this is on my heart right now and so this is what you get.

My friend was riding his bike this morning, a relatively cool morning for late July in Texas. On the trail, he came across an accident that had recently happened. An 8-yr-old girl had wiped out on the trail. She had been out riding with her dad. I understand she was wearing a helmet.
They Careflighted her to the hospital. We have been praying for this unknown little girl today, assuming she was fine, because, hey! she was wearing a helmet.
She was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Just like that. Gone.

My heart breaks for the family. For the dad, who was just out riding bikes with his kids. For what should  have been a normal morning.

Nothing will ever be the same. He will always think, "If only we had . . .", "if only I had . . ".

That is all I know - there could be details I am not aware of, but I know for certain there is a family grieving tonight. What started out as just a normal day ended up as tragedy.

You hug your kids, you send them out the door, but you just never know. There are no guarantees.

Life is precious and sweet.

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