Wednesday, July 24, 2013

(This) Woman's Best Friend

Over the past several years, I have changed my eating habits substantially.

Brown rice, quinoa, beans, real whole wheat bread stock my pantry. Chocolate Covered Katie and Skinny Ms. are bookmarked on the computer and Kindle. My vegetarian cookbook sits on my counter, because I use it so frequently. Cauliflower - cauliflower, for heaven's sake - sits in my fridge (this, coming from a girl who does not like vegetables, should tell you have far I have come).

Yet, there are times in this woman's life (about once a month) when she just needs chocolate. Ice cream. Ice cream that screams, "This is chocolate"!

That time was recent in our house. I sent my husband out with one mission - "As chocolate as you can get".

This is what he came home with. I did not know this existed. It was Chocolate.

Should just come with the label, "For that special time of the month"!



Chris said...

Aren't moose tracks a euphemism -- kinda like cow chips?

Casey said...

Mmmmm, chocolate! That ice cream looks divine. I might just have to try that one.