Friday, July 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes, and day 5 of 7 Posts

Lots of 7's today!

5th day of a week of 7 posts! Whoo hoo!

And, as it is Friday, it is also 7 Quick Takes!

And both are thanks to Jen at Conversion Diary.

here we go:


I have not been writing for a while. I felt like I needed to take time off and relax and pay attention to my kids and not worry about "Will I ever make it as a writer?"
I don't even know how to answer that question anyways. Yes, I am published. No, nothing in the past few years. So, what does that mean? No one is breaking down my door to get me to pen fabulous words that will dazzle and delight, so what does that say? Shouldn't I want to write no matter if anyone ever sees it?
Waiting, seeing, wondering . . .


My boys are arguing about farts downstairs. And cooking and eating fish. I can hear them. Sigh.

Boys are very, very weird. My life as an adult has been totally shaped by them. I never thought I would have all boys, and the fact of having all boys has made my Life of Parenthood very different. No one ever wants to go shopping, get a manicure, watch sappy movies. Like any good human, I have adapted.
My daily ablutions are short and to the point. There is a point-of-no-return with boys - leave 'em alone for too long and you may find very bad things happening, or very weird things. Or nothing. They keep you guessing.


VBS just ended at our church. Well, I suppose it is ending today. We have 2 sessions at St. Gabriel's: a morning session that runs Monday-Friday mornings and an evening session that runs Sunday evening-Thursday evening. You only attend one. We prefer the evening, because it is smaller, close-knit and we have our days free. Only we are very, very tired at the end of the week.

This year was Romeo's first year to volunteer as a teen helper. The Young Adult and Cookie Boy both are seasoned vets, but Romeo was nervous and excited to be a real helper. He had a great time and fell in love with all those little kids. He loved helping, but he also came home with crafts. He is 11, that funny age between little kid and teen. Love it.
That left the Monkey as my only attendee! I remember the days when I would go volunteer with VBS and NONE of my kids were old enough to attend.
I feel old. . .


 . . . which leads me to the contemplation that my birthday is only 3 weeks away. The Big One - 4.0.


Which I will celebrate with my husband's entire family at a beach in Delaware. We have added a gazillion more people to the family since our last beach vacation 8 years ago. It should be very interesting!
Nothing I love better than turning a Big (kind of traumatic) Birthday at a BEACH, which means swimsuits.


My battle with my weight over the past 7 years is ridiculous. No amount of changing my eating habits or exercise seems to make a difference. I lose a little, and it creeps back on. and on. and on.

While going to the beach sounds fun, in theory, having to hang out in my bathing suit is making me cringe. I bought a second one - a swim shirt and shorts - so that helps. But, still.

it will do nothing for my self-esteem.

And before you tell me not to care, let me tell you - I do care. Very much. But I will still have fun.


 August is less than a week away. I am flipping out, I tell you! August may still technically be summer, it is already full! Okay, yes, I get to go to the beach, and that will help. But I have lots of paperwork to finish up for my new preschool music teacher job, plus lesson planning for that, plus regular homeschool lesson planning, plus finishing up paperwork from the last school year (bet that helps make you feel like a better parent now, doesn't it?), plus First Lego League team planning, plus trying to figure out how to haul my kids all over creation for classes and manage to feed us every night (which is kind of hard to do when you are NOT HOME!), plus all the regular stuff.

Have a great weekend!

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