Saturday, March 3, 2012

Will He, or Won't He?

Enemy #1

The Word of the Day?


As in, "Wow, he is one strong-willed child!"

He, as in The Monkey.

It started this morning, around 10:30am. As a family,. we attended Romeo's Blue and Gold ceremony for Cub Scouts. I thought to throw a portable thingy of applesauce into my purse. I figured:

a) it will help the Monkey make it through the long, and sometimes boring, ceremony.
b) it will help the Monkey make it through the lunch of pasta afterwards.

The Monkey is a notoriously picky eater. As the baby of the family, he has been indulged more than the rest, although many times without us even meaning to. Lately, I have been giving him an eating plan that is a tad more strict.

Like today.

I brought the applesauce. He said no.

No biggie. I figured when he refused, it was still early and he would probably cave in at lunch.

He did not.

He sat and refused to eat one bite of applesauce during the whole lunch. He would even rather stick to his principles than cave in for a piece of cake.
Yup - he refused the cake. Just to spite me.

And the story had not changed all afternoon.

It is now 3:40pm, and he has not eaten one thing since about 9:30 this morning. He is increasingly more grumpy and more exhausted. His stomach growled about ten minutes ago so loudly, it literally made me jump.

I KNOW he is hungry. And he LIKES applesauce.

"I'm not hungry" he says, as his tummy rumbles audibly.

This could be a good attribute in an adult - sticking to what you believe.

It might be a long day, for both of us.

"Nothing gets past this mouth that I do not approve." - this statement has been endorsed by the Monkey

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