Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Breaking

The weather is gorgeous here in North Central Texas. The windows were open all day, the breeze was blowing, and our allergies are all going haywire!
It is also Spring Break time for the local schools. Now, in the recent years past, we have not partaken of this break. We usually wait until Holy Week, as it seems appropriate and we are usually pretty far behind in our school work.
This year, as almost everything else we are doing is also taking a break, I decided we would, too. The Young Adult still has math class tomorrow, I still have choir practice Wednesday, and we still have homeschool cool Friday, but no dance, we skipped Scouts, and no soccer or youth group.

Sometimes you just need a break!

Today we did yard work, played video games, played board games, played Legos, read, took a nap, and played outside. It was a one-day vacation.
Tomorrow, we visit friends and celebrate Romeo's 10th birthday.


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Patty said...

Happy 10th birthday...double digits! Wow! May God bless Romeo with abundant blessings throughout this year and always!