Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lessons I Learned from My Father

Happy Father's Day on this feast of the Holy Trinity!

My father has been gone for most of my life, but his influence remains. I lost him right before I turned 11, so I my sum total memory of his is a child's memory. But a legacy can live even after death, so I can know my father a little better today. Happy Father's Day, Dad! We miss you. I hope you are partying up in heaven!

5. Love God  - Some of my most vivid memories of my father are of him praying. I remember him praying as he studied scripture. I remember him, arms raised, singing. I can remember times I was sick, laying in bed. Daddy would come before bedtime with a small bottle of holy oil, and anoint my head with oil, while praying, "May God heal you, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes."
My father's example of prayer, and his part of teaching me to pray, has helped me to know the Father in heaven.

4. Be Silly - My dad loved silly humor, He was the ultimate father for a small child. He was full of silly jokes, funny noises, and he absolutely loved watching cartoons. I remember watching my dad watch cartoons, just so I could laugh when he did. He was just so silly and fun. It was a wonderful legacy to leave his children.

3. Priorities - My dad was a simple man. He loved God and loved his family. He did everything he could to spend as much time as possible with his children. He did not need fancy things to make him happy. People were what mattered.

2. Never Wait - My father died at the age of 42. I have learned from this to never wait. Never wait to say, "I love you", never wait to reach for your dreams, never wait to forgive someone, never wait to create memories. Live with no regrets (or as little as possible!).

1. Treasure Each and Every Day - You never know what life will bring. That is no reason to be a pessimist. Rather, live each and every moment with love and kindness. Treasure every day with family and friends. No matter how bad a day is, always end with a reflection on your blessings, because you are surrounded by them.

Happy Father's Day!

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