Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not A Park Mom

Today I had to take the Mad Toddler to the park. It was that, or I was afraid he would spontaneously combust in the house. Sooooo much energy. It was cloudy and windy and warm enough. He ran and ran and ran and ran. As I watched him go from one of the playground to the other, all I could hear was the steady thump thump thump thump metronome of his feet.
I let him run until he was winded and beginning to contemplate doing stupid things on the climbing wall. Then, we headed back home for some well-earned juicy.

I am not a "park" kind of mom. I am not a mother's group kind, either. I am easily bored at the park (plus I am very sure my child is about to pitch headlong down  the metal rungs of a climbing ladder - nervous moms are never fun) and I am just terrible at meeting new people (hence the not liking moms groups). I can lecture a room of 100 people on the sacrament of baptism or theology of the body, or I can sing in front of a 1,000+ congregation (okay, my hands are shaking the whole time, but I can do it), but put me in a small group, and I am the same awkward teenager I was so many years ago. While it is stupid,  there is is.

In the meantime, the Mad Toddler is watching the straight-to-DVD of Curious George II, or as he likes to call it, Curious George Plus One, for the second time today and the10th time just this week!



ASC said...

This is funny. I have had to force myself to be a "park mom" and a "mom group mom" from time to time for different reasons, but I'm not very good at it. I, too, would rather speak to throngs. Odd. Must be a writer thing...

texasmom said...

Yeah, I make myself go to the park! And I did moms groups with the older kids (and always felt out of place. I know it is silly, but I just feel so foolish when I talk to others in a small group setting, unless I know them well.