Friday, February 4, 2011


Here is my catch-up post. It has been a little while, but it has been busy!

1. The End of Season One for First Lego League
Can I have a "hallelujah"???? We are finally done! The last week, I had various team members at my house every single day but Wednesday, as they made one final effort to get ready for the North Texas Championships! It was wild and draining. On Thursday, I was in tears most of the day, including a total melt-down at night. In the end, it all went well. We didn't win a trophy, but we did do well. I am so proud of each and every one of those boys, and all the work they put into things!
Now it is time for a break, time to clear my living room of Legos, and time to relax a little!

Our team project display in the pit area, where other teams can look and see

Two of my guys prepare for the robot game

It was loud and crazy and special

2. Ice
This week has been a week of ice. ArtGuy went into work on Monday - and that is IT! He has been home the rest of the week (along with almost everyone else in the DFW area). Texas does get snow and ice, but it usually clears up in about 24 hours. Not this week.

3. Snow
And then today, we get snow, on top of ice. Not the 1/2 inch the forecasters called for, but SIX INCHES!!!! My whole family is outside, playing. Well, except me. I have not been a good mom and kept up with my growing children. Romeo outgrew his coat (it was 70 degrees last week, so it isn't like we use them a lot). So, Romeo is in Cookie Boy's coat, and Cookie Boy is in my coat!

just checking it out !

a swift expedition!

4. Rejected!
Yet again, another rejection! My goal this year is to get a book contract, for any book! I sent out a book for religious ed classrooms months ago. A rep from the publisher contacted me a month later, saying he loved it, and would present it to the board. Months passed, and I assumed it was a no. But I heard back from him this week. It was a no, but he fought hard for me, at several board meetings, In the end, because of budget cuts and economy, they have to pass for now. But, he really liked it, and gave me names at other publishers to try.
So, the good news is there is always hope. The bad news is "I loved it" is not the same as publishing it, and until I get something published, I will always wonder if I am good enough.

One hates to think one's passion is simply a "nice hobby" and not a vocation, calling, or something meaningful.

5. Growth

My kids are growing. Fast. ArtGuy and I have to figure out new  ways to relate to the Young Adult, now 13. Parenthood is a constantly evolving thing. Once you feel like you have it figured out, boom! It changes are you are left clueless again.
Cookie Boy and Romeo are growing a lot, too, but being the middle kids, it often gets less notice than the oldest and youngest. They are really wonderful kids.
The Mad Toddler is 2 1/2, not a baby any longer. He loves playing Star Fall, a website about reading. He loves to "play letters", and is very good at it. It is a great age, but I miss my "baby". And I am left wondering if there ever will be another baby. Stupid insurance and debt and c-sections!

And that about wraps up my aimless thought patterns of the last few weeks!

Happy Super Bowl weekend!


Anonymous said...

I hate legos. They are all over my house. I can't imagine doing what you did!


Brandi Leach said...

Sorry to hear about the book. Maybe they will change their mind when the economy improves. I'm sure it is wonderful!